Nissans #1 Salesperson Shares His Secrets

#1 Nissan Salesperson In The Country Shares His Secrets- PodCast

#1 Nissan Salesperson In The Country Shares His Secrets- PodCast 



In this podcast, I’m interviewing Ian Maklin, he’s one of the twins. He’s one of our  Sales Training Coaches here at the Elliott Group. 


In this podcast, we’re talking about auto sales veterans, rookies, branding and marketing and DOMINATING!! 


Ian was the #1 Nissan Salesperson in the world ten-years running! He’s obsessed with closing, negotiating, branding and marketing and training salespeople to be the BEST on the planet!  


One of his best tips is to be different, think of yourself as the trusted advisor, the expert. Be fun and funny. When people laugh, they’re not thinking about spending money.  


Ian is an expert at branding and marketing! He shares a story from one of his social media bootcamps, he was training a dealership’s entire sales team on using social media. He asked for a volunteer. An 18 year old volunteered, he was the dealer’s car porter, he wasn’t even in sales. Ian showed him what to do and say, he posted it to social media, and the next day he sold three cars! Needless to say, they promoted him to car sales. His first month he sold 23 cars, with no ups!  


Another dealership, Ian trained the entire sales team on social media, the dealership was able to cut their $80,000 per month radio advertising budget down to ZERO dollars. Their sales team was generating their own leads and CRUSHING it!  


You don’t want to miss this podcast!