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$100K to $400K Car Sales Training Course

Want to earn half a million a YEAR selling cars?
It’s possible.

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Could you imagine being the #1 sales person in your state? It’s possible! What would your life look like if you earned $400,000+ a year?
$100k to $400k Car Sales Training Course

$100K to $400K Car Sales Training Course

All YOU have to do to make this happen is AQUIRE the skill to do it. In this course Andy Elliott teaches you exactly step by step how he earned $716,000 in one year selling cars and so can you. This video was NOT recorded on a white board with “Hypothetical” sales training it was shot LIVE with Andy Elliott himself at the dealership. YOU can EARN this type of money! BELIEVE IT! Never doubt yourself ever again! The only missing ingredient is the “HOW TO”… And in this course you’re gonna get it!

What You Will Learn In This Course

Be Prepared to Learn NEVER SEEN BEFORE Skills:

What Makes This Course So Different?

What Takes This Training To The Next Level?

Not only does Andy show you LIVE at a Dealership how to handle every situation. He also shows you how he was creative and different. Andy always says “If you look like your competition, sound like your competition, and talk like your competition the customer will treat you like your competition.”  That’s why this 21st Century Training will blow your mind.

$100k to $400k Car Sales Training Course


Meet Andy Elliott,

Founder of The Elliott Group

Andy Elliott is a visual learner himself. If Andy could see something done with his own eyes he could duplicate it. Most sales people learn this same way too… Andy decided to create a GRAND MASTER COURSE where people who wanted massive success in the automotive business could watch EXACTLY how Andy broke all records and took his income to levels unimaginable for most.

Andy believes that
ANYONE can can make a half a million selling cars. He says all you have to do is WANT to be the best and then have the best training. And there is and will NEVER be any better automotive training than Andy Elliott LIVE in the dealership showing you A to Z Visually how to go get paid what your worth and recreate yourself.

Important to Know

Live at the Car Dealership

Andy Elliott recorded this incredible course LIVE at the car dealership. It’s all LIVE action training and will truly be a training beyond anything you’ve ever imagined.
ALL 60 videos come with a quiz at the end because you will never get better without 4 key ingredients…

There are 60 Videos covering everything you need to become the worlds greatest sales person. Also the videos are all 5 minutes to 10 minutes long so you can train on them easily with being stuck at the computer for hours. This training course was created for the FUTURE top sales people of the world. Andy wants to teach you to break his records! You can do it! Andy always says “Top Sales People are MADE.. not BORN!” So I don’t care if you’re about to start selling cars, are new to selling cars, or have been selling cars for 20+ years… this course will take you to a next gear and a new level overnight! ALL 60 videos come with a quiz at the end because you will never get better without 4 key ingredients…


See What Others Have Said About Their Experience!

“I prayed for a mentor like Andy! I am the top salesperson in my dealership, and everyone is telling me I am “good enough” and I don’t need to pay for more training. I took Andy’s training and it is mind blowing! It has totally recreated me! Within 30 days of taking Andy’s course, I tripled my income just like you said you said I would. There is not a doubt in my mind, that Andy Elliott is the best sales training that has ever existed. Andy’s training continues to blow my mind with each course, please don’t ever stop.”
Patrick H.
“Grateful to have you as a mentor. Your training has taught me how to sell and close every customer I have come across. I have not only improved professionally but also as person. I am truly living a life that I never thought was possible for me. I would not have achieved any of this without you believing in me, even when I didn’t believe in myself. All I can say is thank you!”
Thomas P.
“When I first started selling cars, I was literally sleeping in my car. I started watching Andy on YouTube and discovered his training courses. Here I am a year and a half later, with the best life ever. I have taken all his training courses. And after only a year and half in the business I am on track to make $400,000 this year! I could never have achieved this without Andys training. Thanks Andy.”
Seth A.
“Day one when I started training with Andy I immediately tripled my gross per copy! I cannot stress enough how much Money it will cost you NOT taking this course! It has tripled my paycheck and hasn’t even allowed my wife to stop working… It is hands-down the world’s number one automotive sales training program! “
Kevin M.

Let's Go!

Let’s CRUSH IT together!

When you are training on this course you will feel like you are with Andy himself training LIVE at your dealership 24 hours a day!

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