#2 Car Salesman In The Nation Shares Exactly How He Does It!

#2 Car Salesman In The Nation Shares Exactly How He Does It! 


In this video, I’m interviewing a car selling NINJA!! Cody Carter sold over 495 cars in 2018, doubling it selling 1,070 cars in 2019, his goal is to keep going and increasing his numbers!   


Cody is 28 years old, and he’s not the house mouse! He’s not being spoon-fed the leads, he’s out there working and generating his own business! 


He’s gotten in the driver’s seat of his career! Taking ownership and considering his sales career as his own business within the scope of the larger business of working for the dealership. 


It’s the best of both worlds- you don’t have to pay for the building rent, utilities, inventory or staff, yet you can invest in your business and grow it as large as you want! 


Cody knows the value of investing in himself and his business! He works HARD, and he works SMART!  


His advice to sales professionals is, “Think big, BIGGER than anyone else in your sphere! Invest the time and money in yourself and your business! Don’t worry about the guys sitting on the sidelines watching you pass them by- chase your dreams and don’t ever stop!”


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Get ready to be inspired! The #2 Salesman in the NATION sharing his tips and strategies with you! Click the video NOW!