3 Simple Steps to Close Every Deal

3 Simple Steps to Close Every Deal 



Every sales transaction has an open and a close, there’s a timeline. There are three primary steps to every deal. If you can master each step, you’ll lead your customers to a successful close every time! 


In this video, I’ll highlight the importance of each step and teach you the best way to direct your customer through each phase. 


If you miss any one of these steps, the deal will fall apart. If you advance to the next step and start losing ground with your customer, return to the last step and re-establish rapport before moving forward.    


How well you handle the first 2-3 seconds of the transaction will set you up for success or failure. Notice, I didn’t say the first 2-3 minutes, I said seconds. 


Do you know how to gain control of the transaction within the first 2-3 seconds? You do it with your tonality, your eyes, your body language. If you lead with your energy and enthusiasm, your customers will follow you. 


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