8 Mistakes I Made My First Year as a Salesperson

8 Mistakes I Made My First Year as a Salesperson 

The automotive sales industry provides one of the greatest opportunities of any industry. It’s one of the few industries where anyone can achieve success and earn life-changing income with the right training and mindset.


It doesn’t matter what your education level, your past experience, your age or if you have any sales experience at all- follow the right formula, do the work and you can achieve success! 


In this video, I’m sharing 8 mistakes I made my first year that almost took me out of the game. If you recognize any of these traits in your life, you’re certainly not alone. 


What took me decades to learn the hard way, you can learn in days. I call it decades to days. You don’t need to get knocked around and learn the hard way. I’ll teach you exactly how to achieve the success of a top-performer!


I went from a broke 18 year-old with zero experience, to crushing earnings records at my dealership, to becoming the automobile sales industry record holder by earning over $700,000 in one year!    


If anyone was voted least likely to succeed, it was me. I had every obstacle against me. I didn’t have a cheering squad rooting for my success, I had people telling me I’d never make it. 


Not only did I prove the nay-sayers wrong, I gained valuable education and training along the way. And I’m sharing that with you, I’m giving you the test and the answers. 


The quickest way to achieve success is to glean from someone who has already achieved what you want. Text me today, 918-210-0254, I’ll share my best strategies with you!