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Advanced Overcoming Objections Course

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Advanced Overcoming Objections Course

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Advanced Overcoming Objections

Advanced Overcoming Objections Course

The advanced overcoming objections course is a course that I have been asked by thousands of salespeople to make. I finally decided to give everybody a tool that would immediately take them to the next level! This course is completely different from any other course I have ever made… I specifically give you the exact objections that you get in a car dealership every single day and I teach you the exact word tracks how to overcome them. Please make sure you understand that this is covering every single objection from phone skills to on the lot objections. You name it I put it in here for you.

What You Will Learn

Why This Is So Powerful

So not only did I make sure that I gave you the exact words and I role play them live on video so you can see exactly how I handle them. I also made sure that during the objection handling I teach you voice tonality, the exact body language, the energy I use, and the psychology of salesmanship skills.

There has never been a course in the history of time that has ever been so in-depth on how to overcome every single objection. I also teach you exactly how to apply it so that you can be extremely confident to close every single customer whether it’s on the lot, inside the dealership, during negotiation, or on the phone!

What is in the course

Advanced Overcoming Objections Course


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“Using Andy’s objection handling word tracks have taken my sales from averaging 12 cars a month to averaging 30 cars a month. Also, I’m no longer making $5,000 a month.., I’m making $25,000 a month!”
Ohio, USA
Courtney K.
“Andy teaching me how to handle every objection that comes my way has not only made me the salesman of the year in my company but I’m also the #1 Nissan salesperson in my district.

Like Andy says… If you can get every customer who says no… to turn that “no” into a “yes” then you will be unstoppable. “
Gean R.

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Never miss a sale again. Be deadly at objection handling. With this course you will see me handling these objections. You’ll also get a transcript so you can study it.
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