Andy Challenges $180,000 Car Salesman LIVE With Tough Objections

In this live Master Closer Seminar training, I’m using tough objections to illustrate the difference between stalling and objections.

Andy Challenges $180,000 Car Salesman LIVE With Tough Objections


 When people get ready to make a significant purchase, there’s an automatic fear that crops up, and they worry if they’re making the right decision.


During this stage, your customers will either try to stall to process their decision or they’ll hit you with objections. When you understand the psychology behind this stage, you can help your customers overcome their fears and guide them to a successful close.      


Do you know the difference between stall tactics and true objections? It’s critical you understand the difference between the two, one requires helping your customers push through the fear, and the other requires answering their objection in a way that satisfies their concerns so they can drop their fears and move forward.


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