Andy Elliott Elite Coaching Mastermind

Andy Elliott Elite Coaching Mastermind 



If you’re new to the automotive sales industry or a veteran, the landscape is changing, this is the BEST time to acquire the right skill set and mindset and DOMINATE! 


You’ll often hear me say, “We’re in the era of the worst salesman in history!” I started in auto sales when I was 18 years old, back then, if you didn’t acquire knowledge and hone your skills, you were done! 


It was a different market back then. Today, the ample market of buyers has created lazy salespeople and bad habits! 


Elevating your career to the ranks of the top-performers is easier than ever before! During my career in auto sales, I consistently earned multiple six-figure incomes year after year. I’m the record holder for highest income earned in one year by a car sales professional at $716,000! 


I didn’t have it easy, it was a tough market and I had to learn all I could from the out-dated sales training, and teach myself what the training didn’t cover. I had to learn how to navigate and achieve success!   


Now, my passion is teaching sales professionals how to achieve the ranks of the 1%ers and CRUSH their goals! Text me today at 918-210-0254 for a free strategy session!  


Watch this motivational video! Get pumped and go CRUSH your goals!


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