Andy Role Plays Live in His Conference Room With Car Salesman.

In this video, I’ll highlight several KEY areas that trip salespeople up. Would it surprise you to know that salespeople are getting pulled into areas they shouldn’t even venture into? 

Andy Role Plays Live in His Conference Room With Car Salesman. 


If you don’t know how to handle an area with absolute confidence, your nervousness comes across as if you’re trying to hide something. How do you think your customer feels about that? They start feeling like they can’t trust you, when the truth of the matter is you got caught off-guard trying to explain something you’re not knowledgeable and confident in. 


You need to have a firm understanding of what areas you need to have knowledge and mastery in, and know which areas you need to avoid. 


The areas that you do need to master- take ownership, tattoo the word tracks on your heart, practice daily and your confidence will grow. 


Remember, it’s your energy and confidence level that either gives your customers ease and comfort knowing they’re making the right decision, or it fills them with more fear and raises more concerns. 


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