Are You Saying Too Much To Your Customers?

Are You Saying Too Much To Your Customers? 


A common challenge sales people experience is getting knocked off your game by a customer’s questions or concerns. 


If you don’t understand the psychology of the sale and the reasons the customer is throwing out questions or concerns, it will shake your confidence and you’ll end up saying too much to cover for your lack of confidence.  


It’s like coming in spraying a machine gun hoping something sticks. You must remember, one bad word will kill a deal, one good word will move a deal forward. 


Saying too much will only confuse your customer, and what does a confused mind do? Nothing!  


You want to stop spraying that machine gun, be a precise sniper and use one shot! In my Master Closer Seminar, I break down the psychology behind the sale to diffuse fear and build your confidence in mastering every question and objection!  


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