car sales training for new hires

Automotive Sales Training for New Hires

Starting a new sales position at a dealership can be a little stressful. Most dealerships have at least some form of training for new hires, but the reality is your orientation to the dealership will leave you with more questions than you have answers. That’s why this training for new hires is so important.

Selling cars can be one of the most rewarding (financial and otherwise) careers you can have. To make this career rewarding you need to understand the learning process and make a commitment to excellence.

If you ask most car salespeople what the key to success is they will probably tell you being a strong closer is the key. The top car salespeople understand being a strong closer is important, but it’s not the key to successfully becoming a master car salesperson.

80% of success in automotive sales is finding a big enough “Why”, your reason for getting out of bed each morning. The remaining 20% is figuring out “How” to move from a novice to a master at selling cars. You have to develop the reasons to tap into your full ability to give 1,000% every day!

four stages of competence

There are four stages of competence moving you from a novice to master car salesperson.

Unconscious Incompetence

Unconscious incompetence simple means you don’t know what you don’t know. You pay attention to what your managers tell you and you listen to other sales people, but you have no idea what your missing.

Conscious Incompetence

As you begin developing some basic sales skills and start understanding the processes of the dealership you become consciously aware you are incompetent in certain areas. You know that you don’t know something. This is the stage at which training reveals your incompetence and moves you to a breakthrough.

Conscious Competence

Conscious competence means you learn to do something but it takes your full concentration to do it. The breakthrough you experienced in training gives you an understanding how to use newly developed sales skills but those skills don’t come naturally.

Unconscious Competence

When you can do something without having to think about it anymore you are a master. A master salesperson has developed skills that encompass the entire sales process. When you get to this level you can’t stop learning. The top car sales people in the world understand they must continually work on tapping into their full ability every day.

How to Progress Through These Stages

  1. Visualization – You are the only one responsible for your success. Visualize the way you want your life to look. Create the change in yourself immediately and commit to a life of excellence.
  2. Repetition – You can only master what you repeat over and over. Practice really does make perfect. Spend time away from work practicing sales skills. You cannot expect to play the game well if you haven’t spent time practicing.
  3. Application – When you learn something you need to apply it immediately. This is when the game is played, when practice counts.
  4. Multiplication – Integrating new skills into your daily routine will multiply your skill set. This is when selling cars becomes effortless and fun.

Finally, if you don’t use it, you will lose it! The only way to stay strong is to continually use and adapt your skills. This automotive sales training for new hires only scratches the surface. Take your skill to the next level! Get my “$0 to 100,000 Fast” course for only $299 for a limited time. Just click on the image below.

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