Car Sales Training: 5 Phrases That Instantly Persuade Customers

Car Sales Training: 5 Phrases That Instantly Persuade Customers  


Persuasion is KEY in the sales industry! I’ve come up with five simple phrases that you can use all the time. If  you’re a master closer, you will have these phases tattooed on your heart. 


What’s the difference between closing a deal and having a customer walk away to think about it? The difference is how prepared you are to handle objections and to persuade your customers that NOW is the right time to buy and you ARE the right person to work with. 


There are key questions you can ask that will allow your customers to open up and share their logic with you. That’s the time to be a proactive listener and find the solutions to your customer’s challenges. 


Having these key phases memorized will help you master the Art of Persuasion and gain the confidence to handle every objection! 


Shoot me a text at 918-210-0254 and I’ll send you a pdf you can print out and memorize. Watch this video 100 x’s if you need to! Master persuasion and you’ll be an unstoppable force!