Car Sales Training: Advanced Negotiating Top Ten Tips

In this car sales training video, I teach the top 10 negotiation skills needed to close any car deal. If you want to become great at selling cars, closing and negotiating, and overcoming objections, I can take you there.

These top ten negotiating tips will help you advance your negotiating skills and and you will close more car deals.

  1. People are motivated by different things.
  2. Every negotiation is different.
  3. Your customers are thinking about STUFF…that STUFF is very valuable to you. You need to surface what your customers are thinking about.
  4. If you surface the valuable information your customers are thinking about, you will have massive power over the negotiation.
  5. Everyone customer has an internal sense of the direction the deal is going. You need to find out where your customer believes the deal is going, what your customer feels the future holds regarding this deal, and what your customer is hoping for.
  6. During a negotiation, people will remember the end of the conversation.
  7. Customers WANT a negotiator, a closer, a deal-maker, and a problem-solver.
  8. Incredible buyer management requires trust. You develop trust through frequency. Frequency is the act of showing your customers you are working hard for them.
  9. Mirroring your customers with your words, body language, posture, voice tone, etc. has a great impact on how your customers interact with you.
  10. The person who speaks MOST loses. Let your customers talk. You may even change your mind on how you handle the negotiation when you understand your customers more. Let your customers feel heard so they will hear you.
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