Car Sales Training For Beginners

Car Sales Training For Beginners (The 4 Types Of Sales People)
There are 4 levels of salespeople, each with its own level of pay. Which one are you? Be honest!!!

1. Order Takers 
2. Salesmen
3. Closers
4. Master Closers

Order Takers

Order takers​ are hand shakers. They walk customers around the lot. Due to lack of skill, they hand out business cards after 5 minutes and are constantly letting customers leave. Customers run these wannabe salesmen all over the lot. If you are in this stage, you need to improve your skills quickly or you won’t last.


Salesmen ​are good at building rapport. They also know the company processes. If you’re a salesmen, you know the average sales techniques but still rely on your managers to close 80% of their car deals. You might sell some cars, but your income is minimal. You need to improve your skills so you can improve your income.


Closers​ are great at building rapport. They know sales from front to back. They close 80% of their own car deals but not for all the money. There can be an additional 150K per year in income that has been left on the table with this type of salesperson. That is the difference between making 150K and 300K. Closers know a few word tracks and can throw them out somewhat naturally. However, closers can definitely use training to improve.

Master Closers

Master closers c​an do everything closers do, but their negotiating is deadly. This type of salesperson can use word tracks naturally. Master closers do not mumble, are not hesitant, and negotiate with ease. Negotiation skills, like making visual examples for the customers, make sense. Customers trust master closers and rarely become offended. Master closers are experts at money justification and make the most money. Most importantly, master closers take training very seriously, practice daily, and have great attitudes.

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How are you going to get yourself into the next level?

How are you going to prove to yourself what you’re really worth?

Moving to the next level is a matter of how badly you want it. Getting to the next level takes effort and training. Here are some things that will take you to the next level.

  • Set your standards high
  • Invest in yourself
  • Get the right training (see my course below)
  • Apply what you learn
  • Practice daily
  • Train with someone you trust
  • Rehearse word tracks regularly
  • Train again
  • Train even more!

Leave the mediocrity behind!!! Sadly, in today’s times, society has been successful at making excuses for your failures, stealing your hopes for the future. It doesn’t need to be that way. You have the opportunity to make a name for yourself. No body controls your future but you. You just have to decide to work hard and invest in yourself to be better. By doing this, you can achieve an incredible income faster than any legal profession out there. It’s up to you to invest in yourself to make it happen.

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