Car Sales Training: From Quitting and Dead Broke to $12,000 QUICK!

Car Sales Training: From Quitting and Dead Broke to $12,000 QUICK! 



You’ll often hear me say. “The automotive sales industry gives you the GREATEST opportunity to change your life!” 


In this video, I’m interviewing Mario from Orlando, Florida. Mario was frustrated with the car sales industry, broke, and ready to give up and quit. 


He happened to find one of my videos on the Meet & Greet, and decided he had absolutely nothing to lose. He watched the video, went home and practiced with his wife and family. 


The NEXT day, he applied the techniques he learned and he submitted 5 credit applications that day! That caught his attention, the techniques worked! 


He started watching videos and training, and his career took a 180 degree turn! In April, he was ready to quit, the next month, he finished with 20 ½ cars and his check was $12,000! Guys, this training is no joke! In one month, a complete turnaround! 


Learning new skills and seeing the immediate effect they had on his customers caused his confidence to soar! His wife, family, co-workers and GM all notice the transformation! 


Everything you want in life is on the other side of being uncomfortable! If Mario had allowed the opinions of others to hold him back, he would have given up! Instead, he got out of his comfort zone and became an inspiration to others! 


Text me today at 918-210-0254 and tell me you’re ready to break out of the mold of the average and become a TOP-ACHIEVER! 


This is an inspirational video you don’t want to miss!