Car Sales Training: How to Become a Beast at Selling!

Car Sales Training: How to Become a Beast at Selling! 


If you want to be a BEAST at selling, you don’t want to miss this training video! 

In this video, I interview one of the top sales trainers in the industry and get her tips and strategies for crushing your goals! 


In the automotive sales industry, most new sales professionals are thrown out on the floor with no real training, yet lots of expectations from management to move cars. 


Jen shares one of the benefits of getting smacked down repeatedly is it teaches you to quickly jump up and dust yourself off, learn what you need to know and move on. 


Her encouragement, if you’re serious about crushing your goals, there’s no time to waste. You don’t have the luxury of negative thinking or spending time around those who pull you down.  


Once you recognize your self worth, you have a plan and you’re going somewhere, you have to audit your circle. You have to recognize those who are motivators and mentors and those who are time-wasters. 


Having a plan with clearly defined goals is critically important. Keeping those goals along with your driving purpose for accomplishing your goals and vision in front of you everyday will keep the fire burning within you! 


How can you reach a destination if you don’t know where it is? You have to see it. How do you see it if it’s not in front of you so frequently that the image of success gets burned into your mind? 


What was a game-changer for her? Having the right mentors, motivation and training! It’s critical to achieving success and crushing your goals! 


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