Car Sales Training: How to Persuade Anyone… at Anytime! In Person or on the Phone.

Car Sales Training: How to Persuade Anyone… at Anytime! In Person or on the Phone. 

If you’ve been in the sales industry for any length of time, you’ve no doubt realized that you can have a great skill set, you can memorize word tracts, but if you haven’t mastered the art of persuasion, you’re not going to close every deal.  


Persuasion is what I call the unstoppable force, it’s the transfer of emotions. 


When you have confidence, certainty and energy- your customers will feel it. That energy is transferable, your customers will feel persuaded that you’re giving them the best deal and providing an excellent customer experience. 


Are your customers convinced that you’re the best person to do business with? Or do they detect uncertainty in you? 


Customers can sense a lack of confidence and certainty and that influences whether or not they do business with you. I’m not talking about cocky confidence or ego. Confidence that you’re doing your best to provide an excellent customer experience, that you’re the BEST person to do business with. 


Learning the art of persuasion, how to cultivate confidence and certainty within yourself and transfer that energy into your customers is a game changer that will take your career to the next level!  


Remember, you retain 30% of what you hear, and you retain 90% of what you write down. Make sure you take notes as you watch this video.Text me at 918-210-0254, I’ll send you my scripts so you can add your notes and review this teaching several times. Master the art of persuasion and you’ll crush your goals!


Taking the time to improve your sales technique is the best investment you can make!