Car Sales Training, “I Saw It Cheaper Somewhere Else.”

Car Sales Training, “I Saw It Cheaper Somewhere Else.” 


If you’re SERIOUS about taking your career to the next level and CRUSHING your goals- do me a favor and grab a pen and paper and write these word tracks down! 


Write them down, memorize them until they become a part of you, and you’ll never be thrown off by this objection ever again! 


Every word you speak either advances the sale toward the close or it pulls you backwards. Words are so critical, they can kill the deal faster than anything else. 


Guys, do me a favor, get serious about sharpening your skill set, watch over the words you speak and memorize every word track! 


What’s the difference between being a 1%er and dreaming about being a 1%er? 

It’s taking ACTION, doing the work to improve your skill set and mindset every single day! 


If you’re ready to be a Master Closer, text me at 918-210-0254 for a FREE strategy session! 


Grab your pen and paper and watch this POWERFUL training on overcoming the “I saw it cheaper” objection.


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