Car Sales Training: Meet and Greet Mastery

Car Sales Training: Meet and Greet Mastery 


How to Make a Best Friend in Two Minutes and the Questions to Ask. 

In order to be a successful closer, you have to win your customer’s trust and confidence. And that takes place during the meet and greet. Mastering the meet and greet is imperative to your success! 


When you can do this first step better than your competition at other dealerships, you can win your customer’s business for life! 


Think about it- your customer pulls up… while you’re sizing them up to determine if they’re a serious buyer, they’re judging whether or not you’re going to waste their time. They’re wondering if you are the right salesperson for them. Do you genuinely care about them and their needs? 


In this video, I’ll teach you the critical steps to master the meet and greet and win a customer for life! There are vital things to remember to build rapport, to establish common ground and win their trust and confidence. 


Build a two-minute best friend. If you can master this step, you will dominate your competition and make more money than you’ve ever made. Text me at 918-210-0254, and I’ll send you my training to master this step. 


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