Car Sales Training- The Best Cold Call In The World

Car Sales Training- the Best Cold Call in the World! 


You’re sitting in your office without any customers or leads, what do you do? 

While everyone else is staring out the window hoping for a good year- you can assure it! 


I made over $700,000 in one year because I did something different, and I’m sharing my best cold calling script with you! 


If you want to earn more money than your competition, you’ve got to be different from your competition. 


Go to the back office and get a list of customers who purchased a vehicle from your dealership two years ago or older. 


If you’re thinking… Andy, the customer has to want to buy a vehicle before I can close the deal- you’re right! 


In this video, I’m going to teach you how to create an urgency to buy a vehicle from a cold call. 


A sale can’t be closed until the sale is open, right? Your job as a salesperson is to open the sale from a candidate that isn’t even in the market. You’re going to create the interest to be in the market to buy- that’s your job. You create the interest, that interest creates a desire, from desire they take action. 


Why do you think there are commercials on TV? They create interest and get people to buy things they’re not in the market to buy. 


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I’ll teach you how to take a customer that is not in the market and create genuine interest- 7 out of 10 will show interest, 5 will schedule an appointment with you, and 2 or 3 will buy! 


Click on the video NOW and learn how to transform a list of past buyers into active buyers!