Car Sales Training: “The Golden Handcuff Syndrome”

Car Sales Training: “The Golden Handcuff Syndrome” see if this is you.  

 Do you have the Golden Handcuff Syndrome? 


I started working in the automotive sales industry when I was 18 years old. No experience, no real training. I was green, but I was hungry! 


Gleaning from every source I could, I poured hours into training and taught myself skills that allowed me to earn $150,000 my second year at the dealership.


Working long hours every week was taking a toll, yet what else could I do? Not having any other skills besides sales and earning a great income in sales, I was stuck. I felt like I had to work long hours and have my life revolve around my job to keep earning the income that supported my lifestyle. 


The Golden Handcuff Syndrome looks great from the outside, it appears that you have the ideal life- great house, nice car, plenty of money. Yet, on the inside, you’re burnt out, you’re missing out on quality time with your spouse and kids, friends and the activities you enjoy. Sure, you have a great income, but your quality of life is lacking and that takes a toll.    


So, what’s the answer? How do you find the time to enjoy quality of life yet still earn the income that supports the lifestyle you want? 


The answer- acquire the skills and mindset that allows you to get more accomplished in less time! 


Learning to maximize your time is a game-changer! I’ll give you the strategies that took me years to discover. Shoot me a text at 918-210-0254 and I’ll send them to you.