Car Sales Training: The Silver Bullet! You Miss This Step, You Miss The BIG Paycheck!

Car Sales Training: The Silver Bullet! You Miss This Step, You Miss The BIG Paycheck! 

The Silver Bullet is Presentation & Demonstration! 


This video is a game-changer! Master this concept and you will be unstoppable! 


I’m going to share with you some statistics from the NADA to convey the importance of developing your skills and having your own silver bullet. 


78% of the customers who drive onto a car lot to look at vehicles end up buying one, yet 83% said they were “just looking” when the salesperson greets them.  


Why is that? It’s because customers are conditioned to combat the typical sales approach. Develop an uncommon approach and you’ll instantly have an advantage over your competition!


This is the most astonishing statistic: 88% of customers said the sales person didn’t investigate their driving needs or desires or try to establish rapport with them BEFORE they tried to sell them a car!  


Do you see a trend here? There’s a prevalent lack of sales training in the automotive sales industry! The Road to the Sale and how to do a great  presentation and demonstration aren’t being taught. 


If you want to dominate your competition, it’s not going to be difficult! That’s a sad statistic when 88% of customers say they’re not having a great customer experience! 


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