Car Salesman Gives Tips on How to Sell 30+ Cars Per Month!

Car Salesman Gives Tips on How to Sell 30+ Cars Per Month! 


In this video, I’m sharing the traits I’ve identified in top-performers. If you want to have a 80-90% close rate and sell over 30+ cars every month, you don’t want to miss this video!   

Grab a pencil and paper, this is an interactive training. If you want to achieve the ranks of a top-performer, the first thing you have to do is take a look in the mirror.  


Each trait that I mention in this video, write it down and then rank yourself. How do you improve areas of weakness if you’re not brutally honest with yourself? 


Achieving the ranks of the 1%ers requires the right mindset and skill acquisition. Taking an honest assessment of where you are and combining that with the goals of where you want to be gives you a strategy to follow. 


Take this for example- 


Your words are everything! Knowing the words that advance your customers through the decision making process will lead to a successful close. 


Yet, if you have 70% of the right words mixed with 30% of the wrong words, the deal falls apart. If you’re unaware that you had mixed in 30% of the wrong words, you’d chalk it up to bad luck or use another excuse, right? 


We don’t know what we don’t know, and that’s often where we get tripped up. That’s the power of training, it opens your mind and you learn what you didn’t previously know. 


Then, you take that knowledge mixed with personal accountability through taking an honest assessment. From there you have a strategy to level-up! 


And that is where you become unstoppable! Knowledge + Action = Results!  


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Grab that pencil and paper and watch this video NOW! Then go crush it!!