Change Your Thinking

Change Your Thinking

Assume Control of Everything and Stop Acting Like a Victim
The purpose of this is to discuss the idea that cry-babies, whiners, and victims just don’t do well at creating success.

It’s not even that they aren’t capable, it’s just that people who generally succeed take big actions, and it’s impossible to take big actions if you don’t take big responsibility.
It’s equally impossible to do something positive when you’re spending your time making excuses. Making excuses is just plain out negative. You must understand that success is not something that happens to you, it happens because of you and because of the actions you take. People who don’t do well at taking responsibility, don’t do well at taking much action… And as a result of that don’t do well at the game of success.

Successful people accept very high levels of accountability for creating and having success for themselves. Unsuccessful people suffer from victim thinking.
Victim thinking, which I bet is 50% of all sales people, (maybe more,LOL!) will hate this information today.

Any salesperson who uses blame as the reason why something did or did not happen, I promise you, will never accumulate real success in life! I understand that this is ugly to hear but it’s the truth. And if you can’t swallow this, then you know what they say about the shoe…LOL!
You have to take charge of your outcome moving forward! You can’t say, “I’m a little victim”, “bad things happen to me often”, and “I can’t do anything about it”.

To get where you want to go in life you must adopt the view that whatever is going on in your world… Good, bad, or nothing is because of something caused by you. You have to assume control over everything that happens to you.

Once you decide to take control and take full responsibility, you are going to start making your life better and guaranteeing success for yourself and your family.
Adopt the position that you will make all things happen, even those things that you’ve previously considered not to be under your control.

Never take the position that things just happen to you. Take the position that they happen because of something that you did or didn’t do.

If you’re willing to take credit when you win, you have to take credit when you don’t win as well. Again, increase the level of responsibility… and increase the future success for yourself. No more playing the victim ever again!

Assuming control will cause you to start to look at what else you can do to make sure that negative events don’t take place, so you can improve your life, become more successful, and reduce victim thinking to create a life with success!

Take massive action and change!

Good things don’t happen to victims, bad things happened to victims.

Embrace success! Take a new stance! Change your mind! Change your life!

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