Closing and Negotiating 101 (Part 3 of 4 Part Series)

Closing and Negotiating 101 (Part 3 of 4 Part Series) 


 This is part 3 of a 4 part series on Closing and Negotiating 101, make sure you check the link below and watch all of these powerful videos! 


In this training, we’ll cover how to handle trade-in objections. I’m going to cover four ways you can handle trade-in objections. 


If you like a couple of these methods better than the others, stick with the ones that feel most natural to you. I like to have a full arsenal of objection handling scripts tattooed on my heart to make sure I’m prepared no matter what the situation.


Remember, the key component to handling any objection is to first listen to your customer, acknowledge their concerns, and then explain how you arrived at the solution you’re presenting.


When you start by acknowledging their concerns, it removes the combativeness that often happens during negotiating.  


Keeping the rapport strong and being perceived as the trusted advisor should always be your goal! 


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