Customer Says, “I Don’t Need to Drive The Car” And You Say…

Customer Says, “I Don’t Need to Drive The Car” And You Say… 


If you’ve been in the auto industry for longer than a day, you’ve most likely been hit with the, “I don’t need to drive the car, just tell me your best price” objection. 


You know that taking a customer right to the price and negotiation phase will send your managers through the roof! 


That objection can be frustrating to the salesperson because the customer is trying to gain control and get you off-balance. 


It’s your job to slow the customer down, regain control of the deal, and get the customers to form an emotional attachment to the vehicle. 


The road to the sale can be a roller coaster for some customers. Keep in mind, your customers already have a strong emotional attachment to their money. It’s vital they form a strong emotional attachment to the vehicle to help them push through their fears.


In this video, I’ll share with you tips and word tracks to help you persuade your customers to take the vehicle for a test drive, while maintaining a pleasant disposition and delivering the highest levels of customer service.


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