Customer Says, “Let Me Think About It” And You Say… Part 1

Customer Says, “Let Me Think About It” And You Say… 

Part 1



The #1 objection we hear in the automotive sales industry is, “I need to think about it.” 


As sales professionals, it’s our job to advance the sale forward, take the customer in for a write-up, and close the deal. 


Anytime we make a significant financial commitment, it’s a natural response to feel hesitant and want reassurance that we’re making the right decision. As a sales professional, you’re reminding your customers of the reasons why they want the vehicle and why the deal makes sense. 


This is my favorite script for the objection, “I need to think about it.” Assuring your customer that you hear them, and understand their need to think things over, sets them at ease and disarms a potentially combative situation. 


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