Destroying Mediocrity

Destroying Mediocrity 



In this episode of the 1%ers Podcast, Andy and Shawn talk about what it takes to destroy mediocrity in every area of your life! 


Don’t be good, don’t be great… DOMINATE!! 


To take your career and life to the next level, you have to embrace the suck! 

Not the struggle that comes as a result of making bad choices, the struggle that comes as a result of pushing past your comfort zone, pushing past average! 


There’s a better version of yourself waiting to be unlocked. That’s exciting! There’s a badass version of you that you don’t know yet!


What’s it going to take to unlock your potential? Pushing past your pain and discomfort threshold! 


Think about top-performing athletes.The coaches break athletes on the field for the goal of winning the game! There’s no such thing as an amazing armchair athlete! Great athletes embrace the suck, they PUSH past discomfort and pain to UNLEASH their potential! 


If you’re serious about destroying mediocrity in your life and pushing past average, investing in your confidence and mindset is critically important!!


Athletes, celebrities, CEOs- you name the industry, top-performers always invest in their mindset to level-up- ALWAYS!!


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Watch this video, get PUMPED and go DOMINATE today!!