Andy Elliott's

Driven6 Event Talk

Total Recreation Talk


Video Recording


Video Recording of Andy's Total Recreation Talk.

Driven6 Event Talk

Total Recreation Speech

Andy Elliott was on the speaker lineup at the Driven 6 Event in 2022.  The speak lineup included Albert Preciado, Patrick Bet-David, Brad Lea, Josh Altman, Syl Preciado, Rob Luna, Dean Graziosi, David Meltzer, Eric Thomas, and Santiago Arana.  The tickets for this event sold for up to $15,000 for the event.

What you are purchasing here is the recording of Andy Elliott’s talk.

If you wanted to see Andy live at this event; couldn’t pay the ticket price or couldn’t make the trip.  This is your chance to purchase the recording of Andy’s talk.


Video Recording

Driven Event Talk

Total Recreation Talk

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“Grateful to have you as a mentor. Your training has taught me how to sell and close every customer I have come across. I have not only improved professionally but also as person. I am truly living a life that I never thought was possible for me. I would not have achieved any of this without you believing in me, even when I didn’t believe in myself. All I can say is thank you!”
Thomas P.
“I prayed for a mentor like Andy! I am the top salesperson in my dealership, and everyone is telling me I am “good enough” and I don’t need to pay for more training. I took Andy’s training and it is mind blowing! It has totally recreated me! Within 30 days of taking Andy’s course, I tripled my income just like you said you said I would. There is not a doubt in my mind, that Andy Elliott is the best sales training that has ever existed. Andy’s training continues to blow my mind with each course, please don’t ever stop.”
Patrick H.
“Day one when I started training on Andy’s closing and negotiating course it immediately tripled my gross per copy! I cannot stress enough how much Money it will cost you NOT taking this course! It has tripled my paycheck and hasn’t even allowed my wife to stop working… It is hands-down the world’s number one automotive sales training program! “
Kevin M.
“Eight months ago I started the car business and quickly realized that if I wanted to really be successful in the car business, I had to find someone to mentor me and train me fast! I found Andy on YouTube and immediately knew he was the right person for me. I started training on his negotiating course and not only am I the top salesperson in my company I also sold 36 cars last month and made $30,000! Thank you, Andy, for changing my life! “
Seth A.

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