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Elite Closing & Negotiating Car Sales Training Course

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Closing And Negotiating Auto Sales Training

Elite Closing & Negotiating Car Sales Training Course

This is the course that will change every automotive salesperson’s life financially within one week! Why? Because Closing, Negotiating, Overcoming Objections, and using the ”right word tracks” are crucial to keeping the sale moving forward and making huge paychecks! These skills will also make you become like Alcatraz, and never miss a deal again! In this course, Andy Elliott will teach you how to close any customer, anytime, anyplace. Not only close the customer; but close them for all the money, too!

“Now I can close customers for even more money”, John from FL

Why Do You Need This Course?

What You Will Learn

In this course you will learn a complete set of skills to overcome fear, nervousness and panic during negotiations. It will teach you how to deliver deadly presentations that will close every customer. You will learn how to improvise on your feet and develop “the gift to gab” with advanced closing word tracks. Lastly, you will learn how to build bullet-proof confidence during closing and negotiating.

Andy also teaches about the mindset of a negotiator, who can get whatever he wants by using techniques you’ve never seen before. He teaches you the key factors of being a master closer. You will also learn how to deliver ”bad news” to customers during negotiations and make the customer ultimately want to take the deal they thought they would never take.

“This helped me know exactly what to say”

What You Will Get Out Of This Course

Elite Closing & Negotiating Car Sales Training Course.


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“Day one when I started training on Andy’s closing and negotiating course it immediately tripled my gross per copy! I cannot stress enough how much Money it will cost you NOT taking this course! It has tripled my paycheck and hasn’t even allowed my wife to stop working… It is hands-down the world’s number one automotive sales training program! “
Kevin M.
“Eight months ago I started the car business and quickly realized that if I wanted to really be successful in the car business, I had to find someone to mentor me and train me fast! I found Andy on YouTube and immediately knew he was the right person for me. I started training on his negotiating course and not only am I the top salesperson in my company I also sold 36 cars last month and made $30,000! Thank you, Andy, for changing my life! “
Seth A.

Why You Need This Training

Level Up

Customers want a negotiator, a closer, a deal maker – a problem solver! They don’t want someone to just agree with them and want to be liked all the time. Get away from being an order taker and turn into a Master Closer immediately! Learn to be ten steps ahead of you customer, always. Learn the skill Andy teaches you in this course and have massive power over every negotiation for the rest of your life! Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can earn more money without learning this! Great closers make great money… Don’t compete when you can dominate!

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