fastest way to sell cars on facebook

Fastest Way to Sell Cars on Facebook

Facebook is the most powerful tool you can use to sell cars fast. Through Facebook you can connect with more people. The more people you connect with, the more cars you will sell. Most importantly, Facebook is FREE!

There are over 2 billion people on Facebook. Over 800 million people in over 70 different countries use Facebook Marketplace every month. That means, the majority of your customers are searching for cars on Facebook. If you don’t engage them properly, you will miss the opportunities. You can easily sell 20-30 cars a month through Facebook; if you do it right.

There are six things you need to understand about using Facebook to sell cars.

Facebook Marketplace and Facebook Groups are different.

Both Marketplace and groups are useful tools for selling. You need to know and join groups in your area so you can post ads. The way an ad looks on Marketplace is different from how it looks in groups. That said, you need to understand how to engage potential customers with your ads.

The pictures you use make an impression.

You want to make sure you take good pictures of the vehicles you post. A few things to consider are the angles, lighting, and clarity of the pictures. You want to use the pictures in your ad that capture attention and make your customers want more.

The ads you write tell a story.

It’s important to include the facts about the vehicles you post, but people don’t buy facts. Your customers want to know why they should be interested in your vehicles. For instance, you want to include descriptive phrases about why key features of the vehicle are important.

Price your vehicles according to the market.

Retail and market value are not the same. Retail is what the vehicle books out to. Market value is what people are willing to spend. For example, a 2001 Dodge Ram might have a retail value of $12,000 but sells for $15,000. The market value for the truck is much higher than the retail value.

Select the right vehicles to post.

Ultimately you want to post every vehicle in your inventory on Facebook. However, to get started you want to select the vehicles that will generate the greatest response. You want to post high interest vehicles so you can start getting leads fast. Some examples of high interest vehicles include vehicles under $5,000, specialty vehicles and trucks.

Save time by using templates.

You don’t need to spend hours posting vehicles on Facebook. Develop a simple template you can use for each of your vehicles. You can alter the template as needed, and reuse the template for other vehicles. Also, templates are a simple way for you to save a lot of time.

If you want to really understand how to sell cars fast on Facebook you need to get the “$0 to $100,000 Fast” course. The difference between selling a few cars on Facebook and selling 20-30 cars on Facebook is the quality of your ads. This course, along with mentoring from The Elliott Group, will improve the quality of your Facebook ads and help you sell cars fast.

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