Frequently Asked Questions

Membership FAQ

Go to the website and click sign in.

Then log into your account.

Go to your account page, and click on “My Memberships”.

From the “My Memberships” tab you can see a link to the page that shows the schedule.

If you click the “view” button you will be linked to the schedule page.

Accordion Content

Zoom Meetings

Go to your membership area and launch the Zoom Meeting.


Open Meeting:

Log in.  This is important, so we know you who are in the meeting:

After joining the meeting you can connect with Phone Call or Computer Audio.

You can join with phone or computer audio.  Either will work just click the option that works for you and follow the instructions.

Once logged into the meeting, you can move your mouse over the meeting and a menu will pop up at the bottom.

Click the audio setting and make sure you have your correct audio setting selected.

Once logged into your zoom meeting, you can hover over the meeting and at the bottom click on chat.

Once your chat window is open, click the drop down and change it from sending the chat from all panelists to all panelist and attendees.  This way you can see what everyone is saying and they can see what you are saying.


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