From the Sewer to Millionaire Car Salesman

From the Sewer to Millionaire Car Salesman 



This is one of the most inspiring, motivating podcasts you’ll ever hear!  


In this episode of the 1%ers podcast, Andy Elliott shares his story. How he came from a challenging, impoverished childhood, struggled in school, and was perceived as the least likely to succeed by everyone around him. 


He entered the construction industry straight out of high school and worked in a manual labor position before a friend offered him an opportunity to work at a car dealership. 


In this podcast, you’ll hear about the early days of his career. The pivotal moments that he used as fuel to push himself to the next level. The highs and lows of his journey, the life-changing training and strategy he discovered along the way and the importance of mindset, skill acquisition and perseverance!


If the circle of influence holds true, and our success is determined by the five closest people around us, this is one man you definitely want in your inner circle!


Are you ready to level-up and CRUSH your goals? Text Andy at 918-210-0254 for a FREE strategy session! 


Enjoy this podcast, and get PUMPED to DOMINATE in your life



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