How a BRAND NEW Car Salesman Made $117,000 in SIX months!

How  a BRAND NEW Car Salesman Made $117,000 in SIX months! 


This video is a small example to illustrate the power of training! The old school mentality is you don’t need training, take all the ups you can and just work hard. 


We’re proving all the time with brand new auto sales professionals who train with us, and then go out and crush it in record time! Time and experience doesn’t equal the highest income. Having deadly skill and an unstoppable mindset is KEY! 


Success isn’t going to knock on your door! You’re going to have to go out and take it! Go get what you want! Yes, you work hard- but you’ve got to work SMART with deadly skills and an unstoppable mindset! 


In this video, I’m introducing you to a guy who earned $117,000 and scored a Rolex watch in his first six months in the industry! He came from a different industry, new to sales, trained with us and CRUSHED IT! 


He worked hard and earned the respect of the veterans at his dealership who didn’t think he could last over two months! 


And he did it the right way, instead of going around talking a big talk, he kept his mouth closed and took action. Knowledge is power, yet it’s the execution, taking massive action that yields the results! 


It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to the sales industry, or if you’re a veteran, if you want to create a better tomorrow it starts with your actions TODAY! Text me at 918-210-0254!  We’re a tribe of Lions who are PASSIONATE about training leaders to level-up and crush their goals!