How I Went from Broke to a Millionaire at 25 by Selling Cars!

How I Went from Broke to a Millionaire at 25 by Selling Cars!  

When I started in the auto sales industry at 18 years old, I wasn’t just coming in without sales experience, I had nearly every obstacle imaginable working against me.  


I was the guy least likely to succeed in high school and at the dealership. No one thought I would last, let alone succeed. 


A couple things I had going for me, I wasn’t afraid of hard work. I’d be the first person to arrive and the last person to leave. And, thanks to my rough childhood, I developed street smarts. I had emotional intelligence and could read people and situations. 


At that time, the common opinion was that great sales people were formed through time and experience. But, I wasn’t buying it, I knew there had to be a better way.    


My third month at the dealership, I told my friend I wanted to go to a Tom Hopkins seminar, the cost was $1,300, more than I cleared in a month. He thought I was crazy, everyone thought I was crazy- but I knew investing in myself was the absolute best decision I could make to take my career to the next level. 


Guess what, after that seminar, I came back and made $10,000 the very next month! 

And I wasn’t satisfied there, because I learned something powerful! The game-changer  between where I was and where I wanted to go, was learning from those who had already accomplished those goals.  


I wanted to find everyone I could who excelled in the automotive industry, and know what they knew. And everytime I learned from the top-performers, I excelled. I smashed the sales records everyone else thought were impossible!  


That’s the secret sauce! Time and experience doesn’t create the best sales professionals, learning from the top-performers is how you EXCEL and crush your goals!  


I’m so fired up and passionate about teaching and training because that was my lifeline! It literally changed my life! I’m passionate about imparting the BEST of what I learned into others to help them shorten the distance between where they are and where they want to be. 


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