How to Have Charisma on Command- Sales Training

How to Have Charisma on Command- Sales Training 

In this video, I’ll show you how to have massive charisma on demand. 


People ask me all the time how I achieved the sales record for highest income earned in the automobile sales industry in North America. Know what’s KEY? It’s having charisma on demand! 


What does on demand mean? It means when I know I need it, I can turn it on. 


Do you know the difference between character and charisma? People get these two confused all the time. Character is who you are, charisma is a skill that comes naturally for some people, yet it’s a skill that can be acquired.  


Knowing the difference between the two and knowing when you need to leverage charisma is a game-changer! 


Charisma is that certain something that draws people to you and makes them want to be around you, it makes you enjoyable and likable. 


I’m going to teach you how to have genuine, authentic charisma on demand. Learning this skill is the most powerful thing you can do to level-up your career! 


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