How to Have UNSTOPPABLE CONFIDENCE as a Car Salesman!

How to Have UNSTOPPABLE CONFIDENCE as a Car Salesman!


I haven’t always been a trainer, I started out as a young clueless guy at 18 years old and learned everything on my own. I smashed every record at my dealership and went on to become the automotive sales industry record holder earning over $700,000 in one year! 

Now, my passion is training industry professionals all over the world to crush their goals and become top-performers! We created the 1%ers Club for ambitious sales professionals to receive daily motivation, inspiration, tips and strategies. 


Text our community at 480-470-1968, we’d love for you to be part of our Tribe! 

Every morning I send out a motivational video to help you get pumped and frame your day for success! 


Do you know the difference between being motivated versus being driven? You can feel motivated after you listen to a great podcast or video, but what happens when a deal falls through? 


If you’re driven, you get out of bed everyday the same way, if the sun is shining or not because you know what your future looks like by the way you create it today! If you don’t tell yourself how your day is going to go, someone else will. 


You want to have massive confidence? Stay in front of people who have been where you want to go!


In this video, I’m going to teach you my KEY strategies for building unstoppable confidence. Confidence is everything. Your competence creates confidence. 


Build BULLETPROOF confidence and take your career to the next level!


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