How to Lead Your Customers Instead of Them Leading You!

How to Lead Your Customers Instead of Them Leading You! 


How do you feel about being a sales professional? Are you proud to be in sales? Or do you struggle to overcome the ‘sleazy salesman’ stigma? 


Customers will detect your confidence level from the moment they meet you. The first step in taking control of the sale comes from within you- it’s your confidence level! 


If you struggle to overcome the salesman stigma within your own mind, reframe it! You’re a creative problem solver! 


Your customers are at the dealership, or on the phone with you, because they have a need. And it’s their lucky day because you’re a creative problem solver- who better to be connected with than you, right?  


You’re going to take exceptional care of your customers and that shows through the words you speak and the actions you take. 


In this video, Jacquline Elliott shares KEY tips and techniques on how to interact with your customers to build rapport, establish trust, and lead your customers to a successful close.  


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Grab your notepad and get ready to take some notes! Enjoy this training with Jacquline