How To Make One Million Dollars as a Car Salesman

How To Make One Million Dollars as a Car Salesman 


Are you ready to level-up and reach the ranks of the top-performers? The first thing to do is a checkup from the neck up!


Do you think you’ll be able to earn $1-million in a year? If you can’t see yourself earning that income- no way! 


You will self-regulate to stay within your comfort zone. Average people reason with their dreams, they stay comfortable, and that’s why they stay average! 


You have to be able to see it, feel it, taste it, smell it! If you’re firmly convinced you can achieve it, that’s half the battle! 


Next, reverse engineer your goals. Break it down. What steps do you need to take daily, weekly, monthly? It’s the daily attainable goals that lead to great accomplishments! 


Accept that you’re going to live outside of your comfort zone, you’re pushing through discomfort and obstacles! The person with the highest threshold for pain can achieve the most! 


When the obstacles in your life become the fuel that drives you to succeed and you’re relentless in your pursuit, that’s when the magic happens! 


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