How to Memorize Word Tracks

How to Memorize Word Tracks



When the objections start flying in and you feel the pressure, you need to have word tracks tattooed on your heart so you can focus on maintaining your confidence and delivering in a way that keeps the rapport strong. 


If your focus is on helping your customers and delivering world-class customer service, that will automatically take the edge off of you when you’re trying to overcome an objection. 


Try this- instead of focusing on overcoming an objection, focus on convincing your customers that you BELIEVE what you’re saying.


You can already feel the shift with that, can’t you? It takes layers of pressure off of you because you’re not trying to control another person, you’re letting them see that you’re confident and in control of yourself. Your confidence sets your customer at ease. 


In this video, I’m giving you tips and techniques to help you memorize word tracks so you can maintain your confidence and lead your customers to a successful close. 


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