How to Navigate Through Negotiation With No Fight

How to Navigate Through Negotiation With No Fight



The negotiation process is often a tense phase with elevated emotions. If the buyer and salesperson are both combative, the deal will fall apart.   


Learning the Art of Negotiation is a critical skill you need to acquire, if you want to take your career to the next level!


In this video, I’ll share with you all the common questions and phrases to stop saying- they’re deal killers!   


Do you know what common negotiation techniques cause your customer to lose respect for you? These are to be avoided at all costs! 


I’ll teach you how to build a strong rapport with your customer and maintain control of the deal as you gently lead them through the negotiation process. 


Remember the goal is not only to close the deal, it’s to deliver the highest levels of customer service and satisfaction! You want your customers for life and all their friends and family as referrals, this training is a MUST!


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Get your pen and paper ready to take notes! This training will sharpen your skill! Click the video NOW!


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