How to Overcome Tough Objections on the Phone

How to Overcome Tough Objections on the Phone 


This video was filmed at a Master Closer seminar. You already know we get fired up at these events! This training is a MUST for anyone wanting to increase their skills, and take their income to the next level!  


When you look and act like your competition, what happens? You get treated like your competition. 


You hear me say this all the time, we’re in the era of the worst salesmen! It doesn’t take much to outshine and CRUSH your competition! 


The difference between you and your competition is skill acquisition and mindset. If you master the skill set and your mindset, there’s no limit to what you can earn! 


Knowledge is power, but ACTION is everything! 


There’s five types of salespeople: 

  • Order Takers and Tour Guides
  • Salespeople 
  • Closers- they can close but often leave money on the table
  • Master Closers- they have a high success rate, but don’t close every deal
  • GRAND Master Closers- they know how to close anybody, anyplace and for all the money- and they’re fifteen steps ahead of every customer!


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This is the world’s #1 Auto Sales Training Program. Don’t allow your competition to outshine you, you’ve got to DOMINATE your competition!