How to Overcome, “What’s Your Best Price?” Over the Phone!

How to Overcome, “What’s Your Best Price?” Over the Phone! 


This is the #1 sales killer! We called dealerships all over the county and asked this question. The responses we got were astonishing! Sales professionals immediately fell apart. 


First thing to keep in perspective- it’s just a question, and it’s a fair question.


There’s no need to get nervous! Keep your confidence and your potential customer will take notice. Chances are they’re calling several dealerships asking the same question while they’re on the hunt for the best deal. 


If every other salesperson is nervous, breathing heavy and falling apart, you’ll instantly stand out! 


The KEY here is keep your confidence and avoid responding like every other salesperson in the industry! Don’t repeat the same generic script! 


In this video, I’m going to give you the word track that builds your customer’s confidence in your ability to give them an excellent deal and provide exceptional customer service. 


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