How to Present the Pencil like a MASTER Closer!

How to Present the Pencil like a MASTER Closer! 


If you want to be a master closer, you need to become a master presenter! 


The common way auto salespeople are taught to present the pencil sets the stage for the customer to counter with objections, and opens the door for negotiations to be made in order to close the deal.  


In this video, I’ll walk you through the BEST way to present the pencil that moves the customer’s focus away from the numbers and toward closing the deal. 


This style of presentation works on the first pencil over 50% of the time. The customers who are planning to object, will object regardless, and that’s where you deliver with confidence the word tracks you have tattooed on your heart. 


Exceptional sales people aren’t born, they’re made! Sales requires the right mindset and skill set. Are you ready to unleash your full potential and level-up to earn the income you’re worth? Text me at 918-210-0254 for a free strategy session! I’ll help you CRUSH your goals and TRANSFORM your life! 


Get ready to sharpen your skills and become a MASTER closer!


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