How to Present the Pencil Like a Master Closer 

How to Present the Pencil Like a Master Closer 


People are always asking me how to close more deals on the first pencil. The answer is found in the Art of Negotiation. Great closers are great negotiators! 

 Most salespeople are giving their customers ample opportunities to ring the negotiation bell. If you don’t know how to navigate through the presentation, chances are you’re missing the steps for a swift close


What if there was a way to do such a great job building value, helping your customers fall in love with the vehicle, and guiding your customers through the negotiation phase, that they leave feeling well taken care and satisfied? 

If your customers aren’t leaving with their new vehicle and a smile, text me at 918-210-0254, I’ll customize a strategy to help you level-up and crush your goals! 

In this video, I’ll teach you how to move swiftly and seamlessly through the negotiation phase and close on the first pencil. Click the video NOW!


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