How to Pull a Co-Signer

How to Pull a Co-Signer



If you’ve been in the auto sales industry for any length of time, you’ve encountered a customer who wants to buy, they just have factors preventing them from getting an interest rate that would keep the vehicle at an affordable monthly payment. 


When you ask if they have a co-signer, and they can’t think of anyone who would co-sign for them, what do you do? Ask them to come back once they find a co-signer? 


In this video, I’m teaching you the techniques I have used to pull a co-signer that leads to closing the deal on the spot! 


When you’re serious about taking your career to the next level and earning what you’re worth, you need polished skills and word tracks tattooed on your heart to make sure you can handle every objection with confidence and ease!


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Don’t let another deal slip through your fingers, the difference between a good closer and a Master Closer is skills acquisition! Click the video now!