How to Read Body Language During Negotiations

How to Read Body Language During Negotiations



If you want to be the BEST salesperson and make the MOST money, understanding the Psychology of Selling, specifically, the personality types and body language will give you a powerful advantage to close every deal! 


Every customer will have one of the four different personality types. Each personality type has unique characteristics and styles. 


Learning these four personality types will help you understand what driving forces are most important to your customer, so you know which approach to use with them. 


This gives you an advantage, because you know their motivating factors, and what they’re thinking before they even say it.   


When you answer the objection or concern before they have a chance to express it, that sets them at ease. The deal feels right and they think it’s meant to be. 


I’ll also give you 10 or 15 body language signs, explain what they mean, and tell you if you should go for the close, or if you need to circle back to the motivating factors and re-engage your customer before trying to close.  


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