How to Sell Anyone

How to Sell Anyone 


Sales professionals in any industry need to understand the psychology of the sale! 

 Product knowledge is great, but you don’t have to have product knowledge to be an expert. You have to understand people. Sales is 95% people-knowledge. When the momentum slows down, the deal dies. 


Persuasion isn’t about your product knowledge, it’s a transfer of emotion. You take the way you feel and push that into others. Guess what… if you don’t feel great, how do you think your customers are going to feel? 


Watch your interactions for the next week. Are you pushing energy into people? Are they vibing with you? Can they feel your enthusiasm for your company and your product? 


To be a top performer in the sales industry, you have to maintain control of the interaction, and don’t give it up! How do you do that? Not by force, not by overpowering.  

Even though I’m a lion, I sell like a lamb. I’m not high pressure, I’m very low pressure and my persuasion is undetected. I maintain control of the interaction because I understand the psychology of the sale and my role in the interaction. 


Some people in the sales industry don’t like selling. They’re in the industry because it’s a good income.Guess what? If you don’t like selling, you don’t like income! 

Everything you do in LIFE involves selling! 


No one likes the pushy, aggressive salesperson who doesn’t care about the customer. No one wants to be that guy! 


When you truly understand the psychology of the sale, and your role as the hero helping your client solve their problems, it’s a game changer! 


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