I’m Going to Shop Around

I’m Going to Shop Around


No salesperson wants to hear, “I’m going to shop around” or “There are a couple other cars I need to look at.” 

What do you do when a customer threatens to shop around? When you understand the underlying motive behind those words, you can help guide your customer to a successful close. 


People get nervous when they’re about to spend a lot of money. They throw up an objection looking for a reason not to do the deal.


But when you have done your job right, and you know you have them in the right vehicle for the right reasons, then you love hearing this objection because you understand what they’re really saying and you can help guide them past it. 


Is their objection something you can control and handle, or maybe they’re just not ready, or not truly interested in that vehicle. 


In this video, I’ll walk you through different scenarios to highlight a variety of motives behind their objections and show you how to handle the objections to guide your customers to a successful close.  


You can provide world class customer service that wins a customer for life when you understand your customers. 


Click on the video NOW to improve your objection-handling skills and crush your sales goals!!