Killer Phone Skills

Develop Killer Phone Skills

Killer Phone Sales Skills


When taking an incoming call – Be different

You need to be a great salesman over the phone! Create your own script!
You need to have ROAD TO THE SALE when you’re dealing with people in person but you also need a Road to The Sale over the Phone.

We must change as our customers change– Evolve into our times!
The Phone is like a bank account.
You have to deposit money before you can withdraw it.

Now when people are calling, we try to withdraw as much information as we can before we have deposited anything into them.

Then we wonder why they never show up! You need to take control over the phone.
The Next Section will help you in structuring your own ROAD TO THE SALE over the PHONE

YES / NO / Yeah, but (CIRCLE ONE)

Remember that repetition is key!
Have a plan and outline in place to ensure success. Don’t just wing it and rely on chances!

Step 1

Open the sale with the MEET & GREET

● Be happy and energetic
● They can tell if you’re smiling, slouching, sitting down, selling cars or not, or
having a good time.
● Be extremely pleasant
Introduce yourself and get their name
● Repeat it over and over
● 5-10 times during the conversation

Step 2

● Ask them what they are calling about
● Start building rapport (make them laugh)

Step 3

● Create a GAP (reset the computer)
● Slow them down gracefully
● “Give me 30 seconds so I can give you all the info on that car”

Step 4

Ask qualifying questions:
1. Where are you calling from?
2. How familiar are you with Kia Fortes? (Find out where they are in the buying
Use statements like, “ That’s great” and “What did you think?”

Step 5

 Deposit and Withdraw
“The computer is up!”
Continue with your questions…
3. “Have you had a chance to drive one yet?” If yes, “Where?”
4. “Did you happen to go inside and work numbers on it?”
5. “Why didn’t you buy it?” (Example: not enough for trade in)

Step 6

Answer questions and solve problems
● “We don’t have that problem here!”
● “We give top dollar on trades”
● “We are independently owned”
● Solve it!

Step 7

Feel the customer out
● Do you set the appointment now??? …. Maybe.
● Feel them out. You have one shot!
● Don’t set the appointment yet if you feel skeptical about it

Step 8

Do this instead of setting the appointment:
● Build trust!
● If people believe in you and they like you, they will buy from you
● Say this instead, “Listen Larry, I’d love for you to buy this Kia Forte. But… what
I’m going to do is go outside and I’m going to call you in a minute. I just want to touch it, feel it, and smell it. I’m your eyes before you get here. I’m going to make sure it’s perfect because that’s what you’re looking for. I might even shoot a couple other pictures for you. By the way, while I’m out there is there any other color or similar body style that interests you?”
● Don’t get fake appointments! This will make you different than your competitors.
After that you can call them and set a real appointment. I promise that they will be a thousand times more committed to you and won’t smoke the books like they did with the four other places they called before you. Don’t fail to plan!!!
This is an example of a graph you can draw as a guide. You can build your own or make a list of questions to help you.